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Press Release June 1, 2011

Destruction of the pyramidsEgypt is known for its strong astounded principle of everlasting beliefs of eternal life symbolized in the pyramids with its top shooting for the sky. The Coptic Christian of Egypt are the ancestors of those pharos who built those pyramids standing up till this time. Copts believed in the eternal life and the same rituals and principals for centuries, until they have been invaded by Islamic imperialistic regime in year 641 AD. S`uch regime is so radical that it annihilates any other believers, enforcing their radical beliefs. They adopted burning churches, ethnic cleansing and abduction of minors and women and forcing them to convert to Islam.

Further, although Egypt has entered into Peace Treaty with Israel in 1977, the new government after the January 2011 revelation demonstrated signs of reneging on such agreement by marching to Israel through the Rafaa tunnel in an attempt to destroy Israel. A Coptic Christian attorney Morris Sadek had been denationalized and deprived of his Egyptian citizenship for speaking out about the U.S. protection of Israel, blight of the Christian in Egypt since has been an ex-chief of the Human Rights in Egypt in the past decade and about the naturalization of the two states (Egypt and Israel), which lasted for the past 30 years, and as a reward, Mr. Sadek received unjustifiable punishment for asking for international protection to the Coptic Christian in Egypt as announced by H.H. Benedict XVI Pope of Rome; which should be immediately enforced for the protection of the minority of Christian in Egypt by the United Nation, United States of America and European Union.

Wake up America and the Peace loving countries, before Moslem Brotherhood, in cahoots with the governing Egyptian Military Council, takes over Egypt and destroy Israel, American and foreign interests. In GOD we trust.


Esmat Zaklama, M.D.

Official Spokesman

Former Candidate, US Congress

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